“From these four guys you will continue to hear”
— (Jazzthing, 24.10.2018)

New Album !!

Release on 2nd November 2018

We are Dr.SYROS




In times like these you need groups. Bands. Bringing people together within a creative process. 

Calling on this plain fact Stuttgart native Martin Sörös promptly brought together four of the most sought-after and prolific musicians of the young German jazz-scene and founded his r’n’b infused jazz-ensemble Dr. Syros. 

Take Munich-based trumpeter Julian Hesse for example who during the past years has established himself as an inventive and technically superb instrumentalist and composer, or Daniel Mudrack, who is not only a sublime drummer, but also responsible for innovative sound concepts as can be heard on the debut album. Grounded by gig-hardened bassist and jazz-laureate Sebastian Schuster the band is indeed moving forward, leaving behind stereotypes and not giving a dime about styles and definitions. Whether one wants to call it jazz or hiphop is up to the critics – fact is that four intriguing musicians come together celebrating the musical moment. Signing with Challenge Records (NL) their debut album “Joint Practice” will be released on November 2nd 2018.

So… lean back and listen or grab your feet and dance! Both is possible and it should be. No one calls in a joint practice for only one treatment, right? That‘s right. The reciprocity between rhythm and sound, the combination of jazz and hiphop that can be heard on this album might disable all those common listening patterns that one is used to. Joint Practice was created for fun. Serious fun though, after all we‘re talking about four serious musicians, who are creating this sound in order to present their idea of modern r‘n‘b infused jazz.


Fender Rhodes, Piano / Martin Sörös
Trompet,Flugelhorn / Julian Hesse
Double-Bass / Sebastian Schuster
Drums / Daniel Mudrack


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23.10.2018 Jazzclub Kiste Stuttgart

24.10.2018 Jazzclub          Tübingen

07.11.2018 Frape´             Aalen

09.11.2018 Jazzkeller        Dinkelsbühl

10.11.2018 Jazzstudio        Nürnberg

14.11.2018 FIPS.       Göppingen

23.11.2018 Sauschdall        Ulm

24.11.2018 Jazzclub          Augsburg

05.12.2018 Bix Jazzclub      Stuttgart

13.12.2018 Milla Club         München

19.01.2019 Jazz Mission      Schwäbisch Gmünd

23.03. 2019 Jazzclub Villingen

15.04. 2019 Schon Schön       Mainz

01.05 2019 Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht

11.05. 2019 Jazztime Ravensburg

26.08. 2019 Feuerwache Mannheim

26.09. 2019 Armer Konrad Weinstadt